Why Better Alone Instead of Having a Couple Who Make Yourself Feel Lonely

Why Better Alone Instead?

Alone sometimes is much better than having a partner but feel kesepeian. With solitude we will not be lonely, because we still have friends and friends, which meant menyediri here is not have a partner. Not alone without friends and friends. So when we are alone “do not have a partner” we can actually more time to enjoy life, run a hobby for example.

Many people say when we have a partner we will not be lonely. This is true, unfortunately many people just spend time with people who are not right and this will make someone feel lonely. The time spent with them will only provide a bad experience for themselves.

We may even feel we are insignificant. This can cause us to be alienated, and will most likely feel lonely. When in a position like this, we may ask. Is this relationship worth staying and fighting for? Or end a relationship that is not ideal? Questions like these often arise when a person is in the shackles of an unhealthy relationship.

Taking a decision to end a relationship with someone who makes us feel lonely can be very difficult. Leaving is an act that requires great courage. In the meantime we may feel fear, doubt and other uncertain feelings. This we must face, if we surrender, we ourselves will be tormented. Because feeling lonely even if you have a partner, really a life in habituation.

To make big decisions, we must prepare a good mental and psychological. One of the biggest decisions is to decide to live alone rather than in pairs but with loneliness. When evaluating the decisions to be taken, prioritize the happiness of ourselves, love yourself. Without loving ourselves we have a hard time living happily, because our priorities are couples who are not really good for us.

Couples can make us happy, but if he just makes us lonely and live in sadness, then what is expected of the couple? When we prioritize it, it just ignores you, it’s really hard to accept. Free yourself from relationships that only make yourself feel lonely, afraid, anxious that makes us sad instead of happy.

When we learn to enjoy our own lives, we will truly become a more creative person. We do not have to ask the couple’s approval to make a decision, which sometimes couples lower ourselves. Such a time will come a lot of praise for us, we will look as a competent figure and could be many offers that will come for us.

By being alone does not mean we have no place to lean when we have problems. There are still many friends, friends, brothers who can receive our curhatan, they will tend to be more able to understand us than the couple that actually makes us sad. We can also find a more ideal partner, more understanding and can make us smile happy. Believe there are many people who expect love from us, as long as we become a positive person.

If you just ended a relationship that makes you feel alone, congratulate yourself. Too many people are afraid to face the possibility of living alone, though this will actually be better for you. You become courageous amongst them, you are not leaving a hope for the future. Instead, you build a brighter future by leaving a partner who always makes you feel lonely and tends to be more sad than happy.

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