Why Do Creative Minds Work Well While at the Coffee Shop?

Moving away from home, office or workroom usually has a tremendous effect on the creative mind. Even for those who have the freedom to work from anywhere, creativity will jump high while in a cafe or coffee shop.


Historically, some great artists, writers and musicians often visit cafes to find great ideas and grow their creative energies. Now the cafe has become a favorite place to gather great people like entrepreneurs, graphic designers and artists. Even I myself was often at the cafe on Sunday, just sitting around and accompanied by a cup of caffe litte (Idea flowed). But most of us still don’t fully know exactly why when at the cafe of creativity soaring.

Some people say it’s because of the aroma of caffeine from freshly brewed coffee. While others claim there is something unique about the atmosphere that stimulates the creative mind. In fact, science has found some interesting bonds between creativity and cafes, some of which may surprise you!

Silence Sharpen Focus, Noise Improves Creativity

You may have noticed that working in a quiet environment helps to focus. And when in the middle of a complicated problem to solve, one annoying sound will destroy our concentration.

However, different when the brain is used for creative thinking, cafe noise will increase creativity. Specifically, 70 decibel noise is considered optimal for a noise level in a coffee shop. And this will increase a person’s creativity, to the best point.

This is believed to be because the level of “ambient” noise music is enough to distract us, and allow us to think more broadly. So it helps to expand thinking and is suitable for finding new ideas. So, the magic in a coffee shop is actually the perfect hum ambient to enhance the creative mind.

You must optimize your creativity by choosing a cafe (coffee shop) wisely, see how busy or noisy the place is. If you are bound to work in the room, try listening to music from YouTube. In addition, there are applications that can be used to mimic the sound of ambient music in a coffee shop.

Dynamic Environment Stimulates Creativity

Ever felt how creativity dries up while in the same environment? The mind naturally tends to eliminate repeated input, and receive new information. So, by moving from a static to a dynamic environment, you will find new information that stimulates creativity. Visit a great cafe to find new inspiration, where you see new faces and interactions that are happening around us.

Minor interruptions from other people’s hustle and bustle really help to energize the mind’s creativity. While silence at home or office often encourages us to be too focused, making it difficult to think creatively. The cafe makes a proper balance and makes the brain think more freely, and able to find creative ideas.

There are also social elements that play an important role. If you are an open figure, the cafe is the ideal place to meet and interact with new people. So that brief conversation, and sharing experiences that perspective will trigger creativity.

Lighting Releases the Mind and the Imagination

Not only that, focus and creativity are something contradictory. One can focus on a quiet room or place. While creativity is just the opposite, a study shows lighting in the cafe can increase creativity.

The strangest thing is that creativity will increase in a dim room. So it is believed that the dim environments make us feel more free to explore and take risks. This is what causes dullness to have the effect of increasing creativity.

So, if your creative workspace is bright, dim the lights to create a more pleasant environment, it is very helpful to find fresh ideas. You can use the window curtains and shade lights for lighting. Or if you visit a coffee shop, find a corner of the room to find creative ideas!


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