Wipe Your Tears, Forget The Past

Forget, it was a very difficult thing to do, in order to move on and heal from the wounds of the past. Worse yet, the stronger tried to forget, the smarting wound embedded. But on the other hand, should try to forget, someone who is always stored in the memory.


Although one it might be too hard to forget, but should try to begin to stop crying. Clear tears. Do not continue to sink in grief and sense of confusion that as there is no end.

Nobody forbids you cry, but try to think about sejanak, until when the tears would still be allowed to fall on the cheek? It will only make your time terseta with things that will only hinder your journey ahead. Indeed, no one forbids us to cry, but want until when? Cry sparingly and desist. It is time to re-organize and fix your heart.

What makes it so difficult to forget to do? In the quotation from personal experience; One reason is that we hold a grudge and anger. There is a hatred that is still stored. So we should be able to immediately remove it. That is the way to forgive him, no need to remember any errors or ugliness. But more importantly forgive ourselves. Peace with ourselves and say that we can still continue to live without constantly imagine would be the figure. And believe in ourselves, that we would be happy even without him.

And start focusing with today and the future, create new history. As they say, open a new chapter. There are many responsibilities that need attention from you. Remember family, friends, and people you love. They also deserve your attention, so never mind do not constantly weeping for him who has hurt you. Now it is time you dare to actually move forward. Erase the tears, and stop crying for, he who no longer care about you. Your life is too precious to simply blame the circumstances or weep for all that had passed.

Well, for those of you who often cry myself remember him. Come on, remove the tears and began to release a new history and make it past learning as the best for ourselves, to the front of dreams that we can not. Everyone has a past, but may be different story. But, it all does not have to make us worse off in turmoil. And make all that the trigger for us to run rapidly toward a more pleasant without any sense of burden.


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