Writing Has Many Benefits, For That Let’s Improve Your Writing

Writing Has Many Benefits

A bright morning, a cup of coffee and a fried banana accompany. When the Smartphone I put on the desk rang. A short message from a friend who has not been in contact for a long time, signed in. The conversation from the short message switches to the phone.

Many of the things we chat about, from the environment, blogs, and how the discussion is about writing. Different experiences exchange each other. And it turns out by writing has many benefits gained.

We exchange information anyway, from which I do not know it to know. That’s what we communicate with, even if only by phone, we can exchange information.

Be thankful in this era we have a variety of communication tools from the Phone, BBM, Whatsapp, Line, Facebook and so forth. And very unfortunate if we do not want to communicate even with only the next door neighbor.

Because communicating is not just a casual conversation, but we can get many benefits and important information. What are some of them, consider some important points below.

Among them:

1. Get More Insight

Writing is a great achievement. In addition to get new insights and knowledge that is not available at school time. By writing can also add to the contents of the wallet, though only to buy fried bananas. However, it all needs perseverance and patience at the time of writing.

Writing needs to process, such as where to cook rice, from going to buy rice, bringing back rice, then processed into rice. Surely it takes time and perseverance, in order to become a delicious rice dish. Likewise, writing to write can be a great habit.

2. Getting Many Friends

Consciously or not with our diligent writing, we can get acquainted with many people even we can be friends with great writers though. Writing gets a lot of benefits, so the self can become more confident, led to the idea.

3. Being Yourself

When we write we can be ourselves. Why? Because we are free to be able to express, express what we want, what we want without having to take into account the opinions of others. Most of the writings of a person to describe how the original nature of the author. Whether they are hard-working, whether they are a surrender or anything will be plainly illustrated by the writing they have made.

4. Train the Brain to Work

By writing we can create a work that would be proud if someone can have his own work. Moreover, if the work we make can be meaningful for those around us. When we have a work and interest by many people of course this will increase our dignity as a writer. In addition we can be recognized as human beings who have good qualities in the eyes of others.

5. Make Yourself More Productive

Write thoughts and we can help them deal with certain situations and become reminders of how we feel at some point in life. Basically, writing is our journal that helps avoid making the same mistakes, while at the same time helping others overcome similar problems.

Our lives may be chaotic, and planning is getting tougher. When writing, blog posts are chaotic, but without us knowing our writing becomes an organized article, and this will train our brains to start thinking in a more productive and logical way. Also, it is good for our work and personal life to be profitable, because we will have a clear picture of how we develop as busy people and the things we have accomplished along the way and become more productive selves.

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